Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Merry Christmas OR Happy Holidays?

In our secular Society in a desire to show respect for non-Christians should we stop saying Merry Christmas and instead say Happy Holidays?


Anonymous said...

I think this depends on the audience. If the group is all Christian, then Merry Christmas is quite appropriate. If there are others presnet who do not celebrate then I would say Happy Holidays.
However, I also believe that most people still recognize Merry Christmas as a holiday greeting.

Anonymous said...

I don't find any problem in saying Merry Christmas. Christmas is such an international, universal celebration. I would leave it to the freedom of the individual. All the same I prefer to say Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays. SORRY FOLKS.

Anonymous said...

I think most folks understand that the word Christmas refers to Christ. The country celebrates CHRISTMAS on December 25th each year. It is a holiday because most of the country professes to be Christian. If I know that someone practices some other religion, I will wish them a Happy Hanukkah or whatever holiday they are celebrating. If folks don't want to acknowledge Christ at Christmas time, then they should not take the day off. Otherwise, they will be seen as hypocrites.