Friday, April 13, 2012

spiritual "total giving"!

How often in your life do you demonstrate that spiritual "total giving"? What are some examples?


Rose said...

I am presuming that you mean how we use our special gifts for the benefit of others. I have certain business skills that I use to help those around me. While working, I used those skills to recover money for consumers. Now I point out things like unclaimed property funds held in each state. People don't bother to check those lists. As a result of my suggestions, some folk have recovered hundreds of dollars. For example, Father Mike, you have a $1 credit balance from American Express. If you have had other addresses in California, there may be more. See what I mean?

Other examples are giving encouragement or providing some humor when folks are caught up in the drudgery of their day.

These examples all have a spiritual component. They help me to be all that I can be in reflecting God's love.

Wendy said...

Has often as the opportunity presents itself. It is kindness, insightful, encouraging, inspiring that minister what God has shown me or given me and that could be theirs too if they would receive it. e.g. a recovering alcohol and drug mom said to me the other day "I am so ashamed of my past and the effects I caused my son". I told her she was a good mom for staying sober and he will remember how you overcame and stayed sober to be a better mom. I told her my mom was not here anymore because of her addition and I missed out on her. Just her staying sober and working through will do so much for him. (I am an ACA and still struggle overcome some issues but I am progressing and seeking with God. And I am learning a lot of patience.) This mom started to cry and said that she was thinking about me earlier that day. (we are not close friends, we know each other by her son's grandmother who he lives with) and she felt strongly that our meeting that day was a divine meeting because our conversation had the answer and re leaved her from being depressed and sad. She wrote me a Thank you note that was very heart felt and made me feel good that God used me to encourage her. I want to read Mary Cooks book, thank you for having her on. I felt that was for me to discover more healing and with this question to answer it show how God turns things around and uses all things for Good. Thank you. Lots of love to you both.

Lorrain said...

I came out of a store and a young lady asked me for money. I pulled some change out of my pocket and gave it to her. She said her father is in the hospital and she is trying to reach him. I went to my car, feeling bad with every step. I went through my purse and found a $20.00 bill. That was all the money I had. I am not working, but I felt the Lord telling me you should of helped her out more. When I gave her the money she took it and said thank she truned and walked away. I started to cry and pray for her and her father.